Q. How long between the day I order my kitchen and the day it is delivered?
A. On average, after CAD is approved and deposit received, it will take about 2 1/2 weeks for you to receive your kitchen. Wood doors will add an extra 2 weeks.

Q. How Long will the Installers be installing in my home?
A. An average kitchen will take two days to install.

Q. Do I need to be home for the installation?
A. If you are not able to be home, please leave the door unlocked, or directions for the installers to enter your home.

Q. Will the installers clean up before they leave?
A. The installers will do their best to leave your new kitchen neat and tidy, but you will still need to do a final wipe down.

Q. Do I need to remove my existing cabinets myself?
A. Yes, you or your contractor will remove existing cabinets.

Q. Who will be installing my kitchen?
A. Avondale's professional factory trained installers.

Q. When should we lay the new floors?
A. For soft floors such as hardwood and vinyl, we prefer that you lay your new floors after the kitchen installation to minimize the chance of damage. For hard floors such as ceramic and dura-tile, it is best to install before.

Q. Who looks after the lights?
A. Avondale provides electrical and plumbing prints for your contractor, you are in charge of purchasing your ceiling lights.

Q. Who pays for the plumber and electrician?
A. The homeowner or contractor pays for these services.


Q. Is a deposit required?
A. Yes a 50% deposit is required at the time your contract is signed.

Q. When do I pay my balance?
A. You need to have a cheque ready to give the installers on the day of installation. Your full balance, minus a $500 hold-back.

Q. When do I pay my hold-back?
A. You will pay your hold back as soon as small final details are complete.

Q. What type of payments do you accept?
A. We accept cheque, bank drafts, etrasnfers and cash. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Q. What is included in my invoice amount?
A. Product, Installation, Tax.

Q. Where is my kitchen made?
A. Right here at our factory, in Jacksvonille (Woodstock), NB.

Q. Can I make changes after the contract is signed?
A. If your kitchen has not gone to production, you can make changes. If production has begun, you will be charged to original quote, for any changes made.


Q. When do the granite/quartz counter tops arrive?
A. Typically 2 1/2 weeks after your kitchen isinstalled.

Q. Is the granite/quartz sealed?
A. Granite is sealed before it leaves thefactory. Quartz does not require sealing.

Q. Will there be seams in granite and quartz?
A. It depends on size. In an oversized area,larger than 9x5, there could be seams. Some colours can be slightly larger.

Q. Is granite/quartz included in my kitchen price?
A. That option will be in your budget, quoted separately.


Q. How long is my warranty valid?
A. Avondale has a limited 5 year warranty, with the following exclusions limited to one year:
  • Cast or Fireclay Sinks 1Year
  • Commercial (Non Residential Cabinets) 1 Year
  • Painted 2 Part, Glazed/Tincture or Painted Wood Doors 1 Year
  • Warranties are transferable to a new owner, and valid for one year from date of cabinet purchase.
  • Warranty is not valid for any unpaid accounts
  • Grohe taps- One year Avondale parts and service, life time parts warranty directly from Grohe
NOTE: If account is unpaid by contractor/insurance company, homeowner is held liable.


Q. How will a tinctured finish hold up?
A. Stained or painted tinctured cabinets have a softer finish and CAN scratch off over time. This is the nature of a tinctured cabinet and are subject to a one year finish warranty. Painted tinctured cabinets cannot be touched up later due to the finish.

Q. CanI do a custom colour?
A. Custom Benjamin Moore colours can be selectedand will be subject to a special order fee, starting at $2000/kitchen. The shade may be within 5% of the originalcolour, due to industrial mixing.

Q. Will there be router marks visible in an MDF routered door?
A. There may be router marks, however in a lightcolour, these are not visible. In adarker painted finish, the marks may be more visible due to lightreflection.

Q. Will my crown moldings crack at the ceiling?
A. Over time, crown to the ceiling will separateslightly, due to the natural shifting of your home.

December- Busy season.
During the month of December, we experience higher rates than usual of installs. In order to have as many homeowners moved in as possible, before the holidays, deficiencies may be delayed until after the new year, and some jobs may not be completed within our standard 2-3 week time frame.