Products & Services

Our Cabinets
There are many ways to make cabinets. At Avondale Kitchens and Baths, our cabinetry is Hi-Quality and maintenance free. Our cabinets are made of solid wood and plywood type panels. The interior finish on our cabinets lasts a lifetime. The Avondale objective: when you open your cabinet doors 10-20 years from now, the finish will look as if we installed your cabinets yesterday.ABOUT AVONDALE CABINETS
  • Because Avondale manufactures our own line of cabinets and has our exclusive “Seamless Sinks & Counters” we can do “impossible” kitchen designs.
  • All Avondale cabinets are installed by our professional “Avondale Installers”. Avondale takes full responsibility for design, project scheduling, installation and completion, including warranties. We insure your project is handled professionally.
  • Avondale has developed some of the most advanced warranties in the Kitchen and Bath industry. Our “5 Year Warranty Plus” applies to our cabinetry, countertops and installation process. We offer a lifetime warranty on our Hinges, Slides, Taps, Melamine box and our “Special Under Mounted Sinks”

Avondale manufactures Hi-end cabinets at Mid-range prices. We do not offer Good-Better-Best cabinet lines. For our cabinetry we specify the best design, materials and hardware available on today’s market. If clients have special requests, the specifications can be changed as needed. Avondale prides itself on assuring our kitchen designs are the highest quality, while remaining affordable.


  • Seamless counters & undermounted sinks normally cost $6000+ Check out Avondale's seamless sinks & counters for $600 to $1200

  • $800 under mounted sinks for $599
  • Avondale is a dealer and Supplier for Grohe Faucets
    • Avondale is a dealer for Fisher & Paykel 2 drawer dishwashers (Google it!)
    • Most customized cabinetry items at no up charge
    • Professional at-your-home-no-charge kitchen designs

This is just a sampling of what Avondale can offer, along with our “No Charge Design Service.” We stay miles ahead of everyone else in the industry. LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • Interior finish (melamine)
  • Avondale Slides
  • Avondale Hinges
  • Avondale Sinks

Granite Counters Always at its Best!

Granite and quartz are forever! Avondale Kitchens and Baths can help you on selecting colours, they will handle the ordering and templating of your new stone counters.
Nothing, but nothing takes the place of Granite! All of the others try, but only granite is real, 10,000 years old before it even gets to your new kitchen or bath.
If you want Hi-gloss, granite/quartz are the only surface that will maintain the gloss finish indefinitely.

Avondale has access to hundreds of standard colours and more on a special order basis.

Cabinet Accessories

Extras like pull outs, cutlery dividers, and organizational features, seen below, are standard at Avondale. Clients say its so easy when designing with Avondale.
Select as many or few accessories as you like.

Grohe Faucets

Avondale has tried them all. When it comes down to it, all you need is Grohe.
These German Faucets have a Lifetime Warranty. Frankly they don’t even need a warranty. Why? Because you won’t need to fix them.

Avondale offers the best price in the industry on these wonderful faucets.
Grohe will last generations to come.

Lighting Under Uppers, & Cabinet Lights

Avondale offers LED lighting built into their cabinets and bathroom mirrors.
Lighting under the upper cabinets adds extra light to working counters and makes beautiful night light. 12 Volt LED lighting is very economical.
LEDs look great in China cabinets & enhance glass shelving. Strong Clear LED lighting is best for bathrooms.

Avondale’s great 5 Year Warranty applies to all installed lighting.

Under-Mounted Sinks

As well as building their cabinets, Avondale manufactures their own line of counters and under mounted granite colored sinks. Avondale originated the process and our product has been a huge success and is backed by our “5 Yr Warranty Plus.” You will find Under Mounted sinks fit very affordably into your dream Kitchen or Bath.

In vanities Avondale’s Under Mounted sinks look first class. Round front vanities & curved counters give Avondale vanities an upscale design.Seamless Sinks and Counters
Exclusive to Avondale Kitchens & Baths, is our special Counter Tops and Sinks, backed up by our “5 Year Warranty Plus.”

They make any kitchen or bath very special. With Avondale’s “Seamless Sinks & Counters” you can have any shape counter, no seams, and under mounted sinks that were previously only available in $4,000 to $7,000 Solid Surface & Real Granite counters.
Avondale has made the Hi-Quality, seamless one piece counters truly affordable. Using a very special combination of Laminates & Solid Surface material, Avondale manufactures a one piece counter with built in Granite Color Solid Surface Sinks, with no seams and round outside corners. These counters are very easy to maintain, much easier on a day to day basis, compared to Solid Surface & Real Granite.

Our Services

Avondale only supplies kitchens directly to the homeowner. As soon as your new kitchen is completely ready, it leaves our factory in an Avondale truck and is delivered right to your home. Our professional Avondale Installers are at your home at the time of delivery. Professionalism from concept to completion.

Design Services
  • Kitchens
  • Baths
  • Libraries
  • Home Offices
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Computer Work Stations

Drafting services
  • Floor plans
  • Renovation Layouts
  • Hand Rendered Perspectives
  • CAD (computer) drawings
  • Professional at your home, no charge design services

Avondale’s Professional Design Service

Avondale offer complete 3-D hand rendered design for your remodeling project. An Avondale designer has many ideas and will help you determine what type design and products will best suit your needs & wants.


Avondale’s products are surprisingly affordable. Avondale’s Kitchens typically cost a little more than a “Home-Do-it-Centre”. Compared to the Good-Better-Best approach, Avondale cabinets will be at or above the best quality.

Avondale clients say they get a lot more for their money. Avondale cabinetry is custom made with quality craftsmanship and lifetime maintenance in mind. Custom cabinetry allows you to have and particular style (Shaker, Old World, Colonial, Modern, etc) of kitchen with up-to-date finishes & accessories. All of Avondale’s products are backed up by their “5 yr Warranty Plus.”

  • Seamless Counters (Supplied for the same cost as basic counters)
  • Sink Under Mounted Process (when sink is purchased from Avondale)
  • Interior accessories like cutleries, spices etc.
  • Roll Out Shelves as required
  • Hardware Handles (value of up to $10.00 ea)
  • Applicable Taxes (sorry…at least we hide it so you can be in denial)
  • Offer box on the wall cabinets
  • Price per box, nor will we sell per box
  • Does not sell, supply or install our “Seamless Sinks & Counters” for other designers, contractors or carpenters on site built Kitchens. (However Avondale does do replacement counters on existing kitchens)
  • Avondale is not the cheapest cost (nor the most expensive), we are always on time, on budget and there for you after your project is complete.
Home Improvement Process

  1. Gather a scrapbook of notes, photos, and articles that you have collected.
  2. Get together with your family and ask them for their input and wish lists.
  3. If coming to the Avondale showroom, draw a rough sketch of your floor plan and take measurements (or, if building, get floor plan from architect or builder).
  4. Call us to make an appointment, or stop into our showroom.


The first time at our showroom we will (with appointment):
  1. Answer any questions you may have.
  2. Discuss your scrapbook of ideas (if you have one).
  3. Discuss your floor plan (if you have one) and go over some design ideas.
  4. Discuss your plans for utilizing the room you will be remodeling.
  5. If you have a blueprint or room sizes with you, we will create a design, and draft perspectives, elevations, and a floor plan.
  6. We will provide you with Quotes and Pricings.

  1. We will come to your home and take measurements, review the site and review selections
  2. Review contract, book the deposit and sign contract.

If you do not have a renovator, Avondale Kitchens and Baths can recommend a qualified professional renovator or builder in your area that is reliable and does quality work on a firm quoted basis